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May, 2017

NEW SNMP trap on alarm conditions

May, 2017

    NEW  Software Defined Radio (SDR) 
    Custom manufactured and designed by Spectra Engineering for OEMs worldwide.

    The MXDR product is only available for OEMs  Learn more...

March, 2016

  • Release of MX800 firmware (Ver3.8.2) to MX800 downloads section and updated MX800 Firmware Version History summary file.

May, 2015

  • Release of MX800 firmware (Ver3.8.1) to MX800 downloads section and updated MX800 Firmware Version History summary file.

May, 2014

  • Release of New 900TOOLs.
    A PC programming utility for the MX92X series Radio Base Station Transceiver \Repeater. [click here for more..]

August, 2013

May, 2013

FEB, 2013

Jan, 2013

July, 2012

MAY, 2012

  • New Product Release:

    New External High Power RF Amplifier.

    A VHF 300 Watt 100% duty rated RF Power Amplifier now available. Complete with Advanced Ethernet Remote Diagnostics and featuring high efficiency and very high reliability.
    Ideal for Paging and other demanding applications.

    Live Demo. [Click here] for remote diagnostics online...

  • New release of T58 firmware to MX800 downloads section.
    Allows the user to remotely control T36 Freq. Offest and T88 data delay.

April, 2012

January, 2012

November, 2011

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May 2011

February 2011

  • Spectra Dealer section updates.
  • New MX800 T58 Ethernet option released.
    This Option provides data access to the MX800 Base Station/Repeater using Internet/Intranet TCP/IP Protocols. Using the MXTOOLSRD software, remote control and diagnostics monitoring of the MX800 can be performed.

August 2010

July 2010

  • Spectra Engineering's RF development team has successfully designed an advanced Power Amplifier option that can output over 100 Watts of RF power at 800MHz and 900MHz frequencies whilst still maintaining the use of the original MX800 mechanical form factor and size. This new option further enhances the range of 100 Watt power output options in common frequency bands from 30MHz thru to 900MHz. All MX800 transmitters feature a full band no adjustment design, unconditional stability from zero to full power, very high levels of power efficiency and offer extremely high reliability.
  • New APCO P25 Digital Data Packet Repeater option. [more info..]
  • New MX800 chassis now features construction from high grade Magnetic Stainless Steel.
    1. •Greatly increased corrosion resistance.
      •Improved electrical conductivity for EMI and RF shielding.
      •More consistent visual appearance.
      • No plating means increased corrosion protection from scratches.
      •Increased chassis strength.
      •Fully RoHS compliant chassis.
      •Increased product lifetime.
      •More value for recycle at end-of-life.
      •More environmentally friendly owing to reduction in the use of harmful chemicals.

      •Production cost increases absorbed by Spectra Engineering.

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April 2009

" MXACUNET Software Released."

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  • Spectra Engineering is pleased to announce the release of the Digital APCO P25 Repeater variant of the MX800 at the 2008 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas. The Digital Repeater will be proudly displayed at the Relm Wireless Corporation stand. [More Here...]

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